Untangled Podcast

Untangled: Fly Fishing For Everyone is the official podcast from the team here at Ventures Fly Co. Each week, we answer questions submitted by anglers across the world. We’re focused on building a community of anglers who can come together to help everyone grow, and Untangled is just one step in that direction. We’re live on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or you can listen here on our website, too.

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In this episode:
  • We cover how to organize your fly box! The best way to do it, including tips from guide Spencer Durrant
  • How to catch fish during winter; specifically, where trout hang out during the colder months of the year
  • Learning which flies to use during a hatch
Links Submit a question for the podcast: https://blog.venturesflyco.com/podcast-questionaire/ Where trout hang out during the winter: https://howtoflyfish.orvis.com/how-to-articles/trout-fishing-articles/how-to-find-trout-in-winter The VFC Guide to Choosing Flies: https://blog.venturesflyco.com/how-to-pick-the-right-fly/

In this episode:

  • We dive into the great debate between using monofilament and fluorocarbon tippets and leaders
  • How to use strike indicators
  • How much to tip guides
  • How long to fish a pool before moving on


Submit a question for the podcast: https://blog.venturesflyco.com/podcast-questionaire/ 

How much to tip guides: https://www.hatchmag.com/articles/why-and-how-much-you-should-tip-your-fishing-guide/7714957 

Fluoro vs. Mono: https://www.epicflyrods.com/blogs/news/15472069-cutting-through-the-bullshit-the-mono-vs-fluoro-debate

In the first episode of Untangled: Fly Fishing for Everyone, host Spencer Durrant introduces the show. This is a show designed to help us all grow as fly anglers. We take questions from listeners, answer them, and share stories along the way. 

In this epsiode, we cover: 

  • Casting big, heavy flies
  • Casting heavy nymph rigs
  • Getting flies down deep with split shot and polyleaders
  • How to know when your nymphs are deep enough
  • The flies you need to master as a beginning tier 

You can submit questions for future epsidoes here: https://blog.venturesflyco.com/podcast-questionaire/ 

For the article about fly casting tips, click here: https://www.flyfisherman.com/editorial/how-to-fly-cast-weighted-fly-line/152074